Desiré YOB 2007 – is a 15.2hh Lusitano X Saddler mare, the daughter of Shashe. She is backed but not yet old enough to be working in the trails she will start in 2012. Promises to be steady calm and reliable in every way.
Maxima YOB 2003 – A 15.3hh, Holsteiner/Thoroughbred mare. She is a fun and challenging ride for an experienced rider. She is very sensitive and forward going thus needs a rider with confidence and good balance.
Roman YOB 2002 – A 15hh, strong and sturdy Warmblood X. He takes beginners through to experienced riders and has very comfortable paces and a light, soft mouth. He has a wonderful character and loves people.
Roxy A 14.3hh Boerperde X, he is an older horse but still has fire in the engine. He is suitable for an Intermediate/Advanced rider as though he is very safe can be quite strong.
Nomad YOB 1998 – A 14.3hh Boerperde X. He is very friendly and an easy, comfortable ride making him suitable for beginner riders or people not wanting too much of a challenge.
Nanny YOB 2004 – One for the kiddies and very aptly named. She takes care of the children, is clever, fun and obedient!
Picasso YOB 2004 – A 15.hh American Quarter Horse gelding. Solid and reliable but very responsive and active. He is a four hoof drive in the mountains!
Supernova YOB 2002 – A 15.1hh American Saddlebred. He is light, responsive and sensible with a high trot and an ‘armchair’ canter. Is safe and quiet enough for a novice rider but active enough to give an experienced rider a great ride . . .
Shashe YOB 2000 – A 15.3hh American Saddlebred X. She is affectionately known as ‘The Devils Donkey’ and can be a challenging ride depending on what sort of mood she is in that day, though her paces are very comfortable and she is very responsive with a soft mouth.
Sirius YOB 2002 – A 14.2hh Arab X mare. She is a fun, quick and sharp ride for more experienced riders, though is quiet enough to take beginners safely.
Macy . . . and Macy, the Equitrails Hound, who is always poised and ready for action!